Displaying Collections with Style & Constraint

Find out how to display your favorite things without someone calling an intervention.

Turn it Into Wall Art

Whether its vintage maps or screen-printed concert posters or favorite playbills, frame and hang them together to create a gallery wall.

Ditch the Shelves

Instead of hiding away a beautiful book collection on a shelf, put it to work on your vanity. Adding a few of your favorite books, beside a vintage collection of perfume bottles, is a perfectly chic example.

Know When to Go All Out

A grouping of like objects in one space is charismatic, but a grouping of like objects everywhere can look demented. Concentrate your collection in one area for the biggest impact. This mineral and fossil collection creates an overall theme for a minimalist living room.

…And When to Practice Restraint

Don’t forget the term “less is more.” This room shows off an overly cluttered collection of taxidermy. Not only is this display of animals literally over-kill for the space, but they have a beautiful collection of antique rugs inappropriately grouped together in one small space. Opt for a larger area rug, and leave the runners for the hallway or smaller spaces, such as an entry.

Create a Room Divider

Display collected pieces, sculptural vases, and favorite books on large open-shelving to create an interesting room-divider. This is a creative way to provide separation between spaces in an open floorplan, without closing rooms off entirely.

Choose Unexpected Places

Displaying collections in an atypical spot makes a greater impact, like this collection of shells on (and in) a fireplace.

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